Welding habitats and welding enclosures

Bespoke welding habitat solutions in harsh weather conditions


We’ve now nearly completed the first phase of the welding habitat job for the Haven leg extension.

Twelve 4x4x3 hot work habitats has been built in very harsh and challenging conditions. All habitats have been delivered on time, and to the client’s satisfaction.

The crucial part of this job was to absolutely ensure that no water permeated the habitats, since water contamination of the welds would have led to welding failure, something which in turn would have set the project back months.

We solved this by fabricating 12 custom roof panels with customized solutions such as watertight zippers, fitted openings for all structure and a tailored solution for the sealant around all penetrations.

A more detailed explanation of the welding habitat solutions and the customized habitat panels, which also during the job was re-done to allow additional structure to be enclosed, will follow in our “welding habitat references” section upon completion of the job.

We are now in the process of preparing for phase 2 of the leg extension project, something that will see us construct 16-meter-tall hot work habitats with a bespoke solution for the roof and inner wall.

An update will follow when this part of the habitat job commences.