Welding habitat solutions

The superior habitat solution for hot work.

Welding habitats from StS Habitat safeguards your personnel and equipment and allows for continuous operation while performing hot work. The patented, positive pressure habitat allows for typical hot work such as welding, grinding, cutting or sandblasting and other work done using non-ATEX equipment.

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    Turnkey solutions and a complete scope of service

    Due to our extensive experience with habitat project planning and field execution we always try to deliver a complete solution for the clients’ hot work needs.

    Our experience combined with market leading equipment when it comes to scalability, flexibility and capacity makes us able to put together a complete project package for the client, with a focus on cost, safety and effectivity.

    Can a bigger habitat be built to include multiple welding points in one and eliminate the need for several welding habitat systems, saving both time and cost?

    Can a solution with several habitat systems linked as one secure system be applicable for increased safety and productivity?

    Can a more basic welding habitat system for your needs be applied, this way saving you cost and personnel hours?

    No matter the challenge or scope, we will always strive to give the customer the best possible solution for their project, both when it comes to cost, efficiency, safety, execution and expertise.


    Our welding habitats provides safe shelters for doing hot work on gas facilities, offshore production facilities and onshore petrochemical terminals.

    The ingenious construction of our welding habitats allows for a wide range of applications and usage scenarios.

    The Flexi Habitat can be fitted into nearly any space and is designed for effortless expandability and customization to suit your needs no matter the scope of hot work to be done.

    We deliver customised and bespoke habitat solutions to suit the scope of work.


    Our welding habitat system complies with one of the strictest legislative frameworks in the world: The Norwegian standards and regulations governing the oil & gas industry.

    The unique automatic ignition shutdown system is a self-monitoring system with automatic shutdown in the event of a failure in components.

    An automatic shutdown of all ignition sources is also initiated when alarm is triggered due to certain events based on indicators such as gas, temperature or pressure.

    Our habitats allow the safe execution of hot work in any environment.


    In 1997 StS created the first ever positive pressure habitat. Today we deliver welding habitats for hot work ranging in sizes from 2 m3 to 1 500 m3, saving our clients months of shutdown time and ensuring optimal productivity throughout the work period.

    The Flexi Habitat System has been tested and verified by DNV, SIRIM and NEMCO.

    It has a proven track record and has seen use both off and onshore with operators like Chevron, Shell and Statoil.

    The Flexi Habitat System ensures that you can do the work safely and effectively – without interruptions.

    welding habitats

    Great flexibility in size and application

    Our welding habitats are made to fit any space and any scope. A standard hot work habitat measures 2 m x 2 m x 2 m, and features 2 sealed feed-throughs for pipes up to 42” or several pipes of smaller diameter.

    Although the standard set-up is sufficient in terms of space for most applications, the system can be built to any size. StS has designed and built habitats ranging in size from 2 m3 to 1 500 m3. This degree of flexibility and scalability is in large part due to our high capacity fans, which are the most powerful habitat fans available on the market today.

    positive pressure habitats

    Do the work without interruptions

    One of the biggest worries of any major operation, be it onshore or offshore, is downtime and shutdowns.

    With our welding habitats you can safely conduct hot work in a cost-efficient and timely manner, and in many instances, avoid downtime altogether.

    We have conducted numerous large-scale jobs all around the globe, with our biggest job facilitating more than 2500 welds over a 9-month period without any incidents or delay.

    Ensuring your operational safety

    All welding habitats provided by StS are equipped with an automatic ignition shutdown system. This mechanism cuts off the power to all heat or spark generating equipment being used within the welding habitat enclosure, thereby eliminating possible ignition sources.

    Once activated, the shutdown system initiates a visual and audible alarm both inside and outside of the safety enclosure.

    The shutdown is automatically triggered if one of the following occurs:

    • Detection of gas
    • Loss of overpressure
    • Elevated temperatures
    • Rapid temperature increase
    • Equipment malfunction
    • Triggering of emergency stop
    • Change in status on the asset or installation

    The fan pressurising the welding habitat system will continue to operate even during shutdown, therefore maintaining a safe pressurised enclosure. If gas is detected in the vicinity of the fan intake, a damper is activated, preventing any contaminated gases from entering the enclosure.

    How it works

    The concept is a flexible construction of panels that when pressurised becomes an effective shelter for doing hot work. Overpressure prevents ingress of potentially explosive substances and gases and allows hot work to be conducted inside the welding habitat. Moreover, the welding habitat allows execution of hot work during regular operations, saving the headache and costs associated with shutdowns.

    The Flexi Habitat System was invented in 1997 and quickly became the recognised industry standard for welding habitats. The system is mobile, flexible, scaled and fitted to specific customer requirements.

    The habitat operators at StS have more than 19 years of valuable experience and industry know-how, ensuring effective set-up and trouble-free operations.


    We can customise training programs for your personnel. StS is committed to a continuous process of improvement where new impulses, reflection and training are core elements.

    Our training division’s main task is to ensure a continuous focus on training and development and management.

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    No shutdown, no stress.

    Leave your number or email and we’ll get in touch to discuss your next project.