World’s first large scale habitat application

First large scale application

StS delivered large scale habitat solutions for Norsk Hydro from 1997 to 2000, allowing the client to perform extensive modifications without downtime.

Letter of reference from Norsk Hydro

Norsk Hydro have from spring 1997 carried out extensive modifications at the Oseberg Field centre platform including also the installation of a new gas export platform, the Oseberg D platform.

Modifications are still ongoing, now for phasing in the Tune field development.

Required production shutdown activities have only involved the welding of direct tie-ins to live hydrocarbon systems. All other welding activities have been  performed thanks to a close cooperation with StillasService using their “Flexi High Pressure Tent System”.

This system forms a welding habitat enabling welding to take place in a safe and controlled manner meeting with the high safety requirements involved with this type of work.

The welding habitat, or the “Flexi High Pressure Tent System” used was developed in 1997 by StillasService and Norsk Hydro subsequently developed inhouse procedures and check records for how to use and monitor the system when in use.

The use of the system have met with our full satisfaction, there have been no incidents recorded during some 12000 hrs. of usage. The use of the system have also been verified through third party “Safety and Emergency Preparedness Analyses”.

Considering the enormous cost consequences involved without the possibility of using the “Flexi High Pressure  Tent System”  but resorting  to using production  shutdown periods, Norsk Hydro is happy to say that this system works, safe.

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