Ekofisk 2 / 4 J

Welding enclosure
About the project:

Ekofisk is an oil field in block 2/4 of the Norwegian sector of the North Sea about 320 km (200 mi) southwest of Stavanger. Discovered in 1969 by Phillips Petroleum Company, it remains one of the most important oil fields in the North Sea


Conoco Phillips


2001 - 12 months


> 20 000


One team - two supervisors


In accordance with plan


No accidents or incidents


Pipelines and structure


All pipelines tied to existing Ekofisk platforms was to be re-routed to 2 / 4 J. This was done to facilitate the Statpipe gas via a new line to the B-11 booster platform on the Emden gas line.

The project required significant structural work, in addition to a multitude of welds on the new pipeline being installed.


StS' project managers worked closely with the contractor and the end-user during the planning stages of the job.

As the first supplier ever, StS built a 450 m3 habitat with an electric blower. This came in addition to the multiple smaller and less complex habitats that were constructed to facilitate the welds for the new pipeline.


Due to StS' habitat solution, which was the beginning of what today is known as the flexible habitat with the fully automated gas detection and shut-down functions, this job could be performed without any costly shut-down, while keeping the platform in full production.

This was the first big habitat job on the Norwegian continental shelf where a functioning habitat system was used. The system and principles which StS pioneered and took to market, has since led to enormous savings for the industry and the elimination of the need for costly shut-downs.

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