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About the project:

The Dunlin oilfield is situated 195 km northeast of Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland, in block number 211/23a and 211/24a. It was originally operated by Shell but was sold in 2008 and is now operated by Fairfield Energy and partners MCX.

Under Fairfield initially the platform was operated using the duty holder model. Amec (now AMEC Foster Wheeler) were the duty holder contractor and Aker Solutions was the engineering and upgrade project contract. Fairfield became the duty holder in April 2014.

The Field was originally discovered in July 1973 in a water depth of 151 metres (495 ft) approximately 12 km from the UK-Norway median line. Estimated recovery is 363 million barrels of oil. The oil reservoir is located at a depth of 9,000 feet (2,740 metres).

Dunlin acts as the host platform for production from the Osprey and Merlin subsea fields.

In May 2015, Fairfield Energy has announced plans to decommission its Dunlin Alpha platform in the North Sea. The decommissioning process, which requires regulatory approvals, is expected to cost about £400 million. Enquest will have to provide a pipeline "bypass" to allow continued export from the Thistle complex of fields to be exported via the 16" export line into the 24" line that runs from Dunlin to Cormorant Alpha. The project will involve the decommissioning of 45 wells and 28 sub sea wells.


Fairfield Energy


2016 - 2018 - 21 months


16 000+


2 technicians


In accordance with the plan


No accidents or incidents


Provision of habitat enclosure to prevent Transformer Unit and Power Unit contact with H2S


Provision of habitat enclosure to prevent Transformer Unit and Power Unit contact with H2S


This project involved enclosures being placed over the TRF and PF units and then affixed to the base of each container. This ensured a fully pressurised environment providing the protection that Fairfield required. The fan units ran constantly for the duration of the project ensuring a safe environment and reinforcing the strength and durability of the StS system.


Both enclosures provided 100% protection for the Units for the duration of the project. We worked closely with the main 3rd party power provider on board; Aggreko, to ensure that any alarms or issues were dealt with appropriately. Regular inspections of the equipment took place over the 20 months, with attention given to the gas sensor and fan inlet/cam vane.


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