Major modifications to the Tantawan Explorer

Welding habitats
About the project:

The Tantawan Explorer is a huge FPSO based in the Gulf of Thailand. It handles up to 50 000 bpd of oil and 150 MMSCFD of gas compressed to a pressure of 1 850 psi.

The vessel is moored using a Single Point Mooring Turret (SPT) system.

Owner and operator of Tantawan Explorer is Chevron.


CTS & Chevron


2012 - 8 months


25 000 - hot work


One team present onboard


In accordance with plan


No accidents or incidents


Structural steel welding


Chevron contacted us due to the heavy structural work needed to be done. It was paramount that all hot work could commence with as short a delay as possible, while remaining in full production.


We worked closely together in the project planning phase with both Chevron and the main contractor. Our project managers were involved in both risk assessment, initial planning, choice of solution and in-field project management. We also supplied two skilled field technicians to supervise the local personnel who worked with the habitats.

To solve the issue of simultaneous welding and increase efficiency, we decided to go for several separate habitats connected in series. With this solution, you have independent habitats operating as one system and security barrier, with gas detection, loss of pressure detection and emergency stop on all systems working in tandem. This enabled the contractor to perform the welds simultaneously, while keeping safety at a maximum.

To increase efficiency and eliminate delays between welds we constructed a huge 1 200 m3 habitat. This allowed us to include several welding points in one habitat and have several welders working in parallel. The size of the habitat also meant that all rigging, fitting and mechanical work could be done in a safe atmosphere.


Our tailored solution led to the contractor being able to perform all the welds in a timely manner. Our Habitats facilitated more than 25 000 hours of hot work during the project's 8 month period. The project was completed on schedule with no incidents or delays.

The feedback from the customer regarding both the technical solutions chosen and used, plus the personnel involved, were very favorable. Especially highlighting how the project planning and technical capability of our Flexible Habitat Systems enabled them to streamline the hot work and deliver in a safe and timely manner.

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