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The Bacton Gas Terminal is a complex of six gas terminals within four sites located on the North Sea coast in North Norfolk near Paston and between Bacton and Mundesley.

The Shell terminal, the most easterly of the three, receives gas and condensate from three offshore pipelines. These are a 55.7 km long 30-inch pipeline from the Leman 49/26AP offshore installation; a 106 km long 30-inch pipeline from the Sean PP installation; and a 73 km 24-inch pipeline from the Clipper PT installation. The terminal also receives gas from the 474 kilometres (295 mi) long 34-inch SEAL Pipeline, which transports gas from the Shearwater and Elgin-Franklin gas fields in the Central North Sea. The SEAL Pipeline is the longest on the UK Continental Shelf. The Shell plant has a gas treatment capacity of 900 MMSCFD (million standard cubic feet per day) and a condensate stabilization capacity of 8,000 barrels per day (1,270m3/day). The gas hydrocarbon dewpoint is achieved by propane refrigeration. Truck loading facilities for condensate were originally provided. It employs 46 people and began operations in 1968. The BBL Pipeline terminal became operational in December 2006 and is located within the Shell terminal. The BBL terminal is operated, but not owned, by Shell.


Shell UK


2014,15,16,17 - 10 weeks




Two technicians


In accordance with the plan


No accidents or incidents


Welding work required inside a number of units and re-boilers on site


Welding work required inside a number of units and re-boilers on site


On each occasion we have provided Shell with an enclosure that has wrapped around one end or both ends of the equipment that requires maintenance. Enclosures as big as 128m3 have been created around the openings to allow for enough workspace and a safe extraction ramp. Multiple enclosures have been utilised when both ends of the unit have required hot work. This has provided the opportunity to use multiple fan systems in partnership; a unique function of the StS habitat system.


Over the last 4 years we have become a reliable and efficient habitat supplier to Shell at Bacton and this has enabled them to complete multiple, difficult hot work projects with the peace of mind of using the best habitat solution on the market.

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