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The Golden Eagle oilfield is an offshore oil field in Scottish territorial waters in water depths of up to 114 metres (374 ft). Located around 70 miles (110 km) north-east of Aberdeen, it occupies licence block 20/1N. The nearby Peregrine field (block 20/1S) and Solitaire field (block 14/26a) also form part of the Golden Eagle Area Development.

The development is operated by Nexen, which has a 36.54% interest in the fields. The other partners are Maersk Oil (31.56%), Suncor Energy (26.69%) and Edinburgh Oil and Gas (5.21%).

Two platforms were constructed for the field - a wellhead platform (WHP) and a process, utility and quarters platform (PUQ) - with a bridge to connect them. A total of 15 production wells and six water injection wells are scheduled to be drilled during the lifetime of the development. Oil is piped to the Flotta oil terminal in Orkney.


Weatherford UK


2015 - 20 days




3 technicians


in accordance with the plan


no accidents or incidents


Connection of new cables into Topside Umbilical Terminal Unit (TuTu) on Golden Eagle platform


Connection of new cables into Topside Umbilical Terminal Unit (TuTu) on Golden Eagle platform


Utilising our multi-functional panels and incorporating newly designed split panels we were able to create a 6m x 4m x 3m habitat enclosure covering the deck area and TuTu unit. Personnel were able to access the TuTu via our airlock system ensuring a 100% pressurised environment at all times.


Perfectly delivered project enabling connection of the TuTu in a short window and full operation of the services.

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