StS Habitat first major welding habitat scope in Qatar

Since February StS Habitat have been present with both welding habitat equipment and habitat supervisors on the Ras Gas Alpha Platform (Qatar Gas).

Through our Qatari partner, QCON, we have delivered, and continue to deliver welding habitats towards QCON’s EPC modification campaign for Qatar Gas.

Within the scope QCON have delivered to Qatar Gas, there have been multiple hot work activities with welding conducted for both additional pipelines, structure, plus the platform extension. Work has been ongoing simultaneously on several of the platforms which makes up the Alpha platform complex.

So far, more than 40 StS’ welding habitats have been delivered, ranging in size from 8m3 all the way up to 132m3. The largest habitat to be built was a 11x6x2 meter pressurised habitat, which due to StS Habitat’s high capacity ATEX habitat fans we were able to pressurize and maintain with only two habitat blowers.

Work is set to be halted from beginning of April to end April due to a full platform shut-down campaign, but will resume in May, with multiple more hot work habitats on several of the well head platforms of the complex being planned.