Welding campaign at ENI’s Goliat platform near completion


Since June StS habitat has been present both with personnel and welding habitat equipment on ENI’s Goliat rig. We’ve participated in an EPC campaign where replacement of five doors, plus two pumps for the water and deluge system was the main task at hand. In addition we’ve erected two big hot work habitats to use as permanent welding and hot work stations for the duration of the campaign.

One was erected at top deck and equipped as a full welding and pre-fabrication station. This was an 48m3 habitat which we kept pressurised with only one StS Habitat fan due to our high capacity equipment. The other was an entire 54m3 room which the tubing and instrumentation personnel used to perform their pre-fabrication and hot soldering of tubing pipes pre-installation.

The tasks has been performed to the clients and end-user’ full satisfaction, and both the personnel delivered, the hot work solutions and the flexibility of the equipment has been highlighted both from the EPC and the E&P client side.

welding habitat, hot work habitat, welding enclosure, pressurized welding habitat